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tommorow im leaving for a cruise in the greek islands.. i hope ill take a lot of picture and i hope u wont miss me :P


well.. yesterday i was glad about my gallery.. after i came home (i was in a suprice party) i started looking around in deviantART - i was too tired to work on any picture - so i decided to browse deviantART a bit, and i got really dissapointed cause i saw things which, i mean -- WOW. and i thought that, what am i doing here? why someone visit my site, and not others which are doing a much better job?

I decided to stay on photography cause then u can do something more unique.. rest is mostly tutorials etc and i wanted something which is not so common and u give a piece of urself in it.. but this is -again- not enough.. u need a model or a good place to take some pictures.. well cyprus sucks for this, and i've got no model.. some ppl are lucky just because they have theirselves.. i know its not only this, but its a very good start.. take a good look at larafairie for example.. she is kinda becoming my idol :o and i want that 60mm lense :P

anyway.. probably nobody reads journals.

some friends:

hello everybody..

I used to be a member of deviantART and i quitted.. after some conversations i had with friends I've decided to come back.. Many of you have known me with a lot of nicks.. some of them are malypsi, `Godsmack, LunarJudge and lygophilia.. i'm still a :ninja:(ninja), dont worry :D

I dont know if I'm going to post older staff.. If I do, ill choose.. I moved on for something new, not a copy of another account..

some things for me.. Im currently a student in Grammar School Nicosia.. I've just turned 17.. Im a cancer, born 1st of July.. pff.. im bored talking about me;p anw.. ill post some deviations soon :P

Anw.. Ill start with posting some pics that i took in protaras (Cyprus) in my vacation this summer with some friends.. some pics will be added.. most of them with my girlfriend with the sunset.. Pictures are taken with Canon EOS 350D.. the pictures taken at Figtree bay and the models are my friends..

-bit boring, but im not in the best mood either..